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Chinese Herbs

Ginseng Root Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the world's oldest, continually practiced medicine and Chinese herbs are a key component. Just as with acupuncture, herbs work on a cumulative basis, each dose building upon the previous, with the purpose to treat conditions at their root level.

Herbs can address conditions that are otherwise difficult to treat - the common cold, for instance, or flu viruses, skin conditions, hot flashes, insomnia, decreased libido, hair loss, and low energy.

Typically, formulas contain between 4 to 15 herbs. This is done not only for synergistic purposes, but also to alleviate any possible side effects of any one herb in the formula. Harsh laxatives, for example, can have a negative impact while treating constipation, but by adding other herbs to harmonize the formula this can be avoided.

I have herbs in several different forms in my pharmacy: freeze-dried granules that are combined in customized formulas to treat my clients' conditions; patent formulas in pill form; others are in capsules or liquid extracts.

Chronic conditions may require long term use of herbs, but the treatment principle always is to bring the body into balance so that herbs are no longer necessary. The bottom line in TCM is to restore your body to harmony.

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