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Common Questions

Does It Hurt?

Acupuncture Needles Acupuncture needles are sterile, stainless steel and most are the size of a thick hair (32 - 34 guage.) Insertion is nothing like receiving an injection - several acupuncture needles can fit into a hypodermic with which you would typically get a shot. Most people don't use the word “pain” to describe the sensation of acupuncture, but rather - “dull”, “achey”, “heavy feeling”, or even “energy” moving up or down their body. Relaxation is a side benefit of acupuncture, and many fall asleep, even on their first treatment.

How many times will I have to come?

Within 3 to 6 treatments you should either be much improved or at least very clear if the combinations of massage, acupuncture and Chinese herbs are helping. Chronic or severe problems, of course, may take longer to resolve than acute conditions. It is important to realize that TCM acts at the deep, root level to treat the cause rather than just the symptoms.

How often should I have treatments?

In the beginning, once per week is optimal. This medicine works cumulatively. Each session or herb dose builds upon the previous to bring about results.

Are the needles safe?

I use only sterile, disposable needles at Mountain Acupuncture. After a single insertion needles are thrown away. Practitioners licensed by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) have been trained in clean needle technique in order to avoid transmission of disease.

What about licensure?

The state of Idaho licenses practitioners (L.Ac) who have met the educational requirements of the NCCAOM and then passed the national exam. For both modalities of acupuncture and Chinese herbs this amounts to a minimum of 3 years as a full time student at an accredited school. Idaho also allows for a category of “Certified Acupuncturist” for individuals in other health care fields who have taken a 100 hour course in acupuncture.

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